One Meal That Will Improve Your Health

Everybody knows they could eat better, right? 

We all know what we should be doing; amid the flood of diets and nutrition advice we're faced with, there's one common denominator - fresh, whole food - which often proves to be more sustainable for our beautiful planet too.

But man, it's so hard to be healthy; I mean, it takes so much time and effort and... well, does it?

We found a common sense article on the blog Food Fervour about how easy it actually is to get more of the Good Stuff into you on a daily basis, with minimal time and effort.

Check it out here: https://foodfervour.com/2015/12/01/the-quickest-easiest-nutrient-dense-meal/

Whale found with plastic bags in stomach

Dead whale in Norway with plastic bags in stomach

I received the following sad and shocking email from http://www.bomerangalliance.org today:

Last week, an autopsy carried out on a rare beached whale in Norway revealed it had 30 plastic bags in its stomach. The bags were shown to be from several different countries. This heartbreaking story reminds us that plastic waste in our oceans is a huge international problem and we need urgent action on bags and other plastic items. The longer we wait, the greater the damage.

Give Sustainably this Christmas with a 30 Year Guarantee

I recently interviewed Tom Cridland, a London based designer who has created a range of sweatshirts that are made to last. He's so confident about their quality, he offers a 30 year guarantee on them. He is an outspoken advocate for sustainable, slow, ethical and eco-friendly fashion. Below is a link to my article published in the latest edition of Blank GC Magazine.


From Fast Fashion to Sustainable Fashion

The Centre for Sustainable Fashion at the London University of Arts recently held a debate which asked students if fast fashion can ever be ethical. The students overwhelmingly stated that a system that exploits workers and causes irreversible environmental damage is not one that they want to be involved in. They felt that the fast fashion model is problematic and needs to change.

Read the full article here:


Another Disaster at a Bangladesh Factory

It's been 3 years since the deadly collapse of the garment factory at Rana Plaza, Dhaka  in Bangladesh and while safety inspections at clothing and textile factories have increased since then, there are still obviously major flaws in the system. The clothing industry in Bangladesh accounts for 80% of all it's exports, and it is second only to China in ready-made clothing exports. Bangladesh's reputation in it's treatment of workers is therefore, vital to it's economy. The spotlight must me kept on Bangladesh to ensure that working conditions and human rights are not being ignored.

The following link is to a Business Insider article dated January 2016 about a fire at the Tampaco packaging factory that killed 39 people, happened after it's licence was renewed twice without physical inspections by safety officers.



Wardrobe Crisis: How We Went From Sunday Best to Fast Fashion

Here is a book review I wrote for the latest edition of Blank GC. This book is a must read for anyone who is serious about changing their clothes shopping habits, or helping to reform the clothing industry.



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