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To follow up on the EGO BLOG, I thought tolerance would be a good topic.  I was thinking about the concept of letting go and how much hard work it is.  Then I was like “Hey! At least I’m trying!”  and then I started to think about all those people I know who would probably never try and it made feel angry and then it made me feel superior.  And that’s when I stopped.......
WTF am I doing!  Is this not exactly what I’m trying to not to do.... listen and feed my ego!  And then I had to laugh and remember that there are many different ways to live life and mine is in no way superior to anyone else’s. Geez, I’m still trying to figure mine out how could I be so presumptuous to think I know better than anyone else!!!!
And while this stark revelation of self deception was confronting and hurt, I let it go.  Why?  Because I’m learning to be compassionate and tolerant of the fact that I’m human, imperfectly human.  And so is everyone else.
The Reality is there is going to be a lot of people in this life that piss us off.  The one’s that get under our skin and seem to be put on this Earth to make OUR lives difficult.  But they weren’t.  They’ve got there own shit going on, who knows, maybe I am the bane of THEIR existence.  This is the thought that can ground us and help us to let go when we’ve been wrong.
I’m not going to into semantics and the global context of tolerance, instead I’m simply advocating for tolerance of others human qualities, mistakes, beliefs and behaviour.  Tolerance as respect that free speaking individuals show each others.  An acceptance that we are capable of making our own decisions.  For a better understanding of how we can break down the concept of tolerance check out this (slightly dry, but it makes you think) TED talk by David Gray:
Basically, tolerance and understanding of others of others not only stops us from causing unnecessary conflict in our day and let’s us let go of things more quickly.  If someone cuts us off, we can quickly think “You bastard!”  and beep and give the finger and do all the other gestures that seem only socially acceptable if you are in a moving vehicle OR we could choose to think..... ‘I have no idea what’s going on in his day, he might be on his way to the hospital, or about to get fired, but I don’t think he picked me out from all the cars on the road to annoy..... and if he did, that’s ok, I hope he finds other ways to entertain himself in the future!
Anyway, I guess it comes back to Mindfulness and thinking before we react and criticize.  I love this song by Kimya Dawson because it’s so simply and really expresses how we all have our hang ups and judgements.  We are all different (all 7 billion of us) but we are all human. 
This is her:
Just a disclaimer: Being tolerant doesn’t mean letting people do what they like to you.  We all have the right to express what we believe to be right and to let go of people who bring us down. Also, it doesn't mean we shouldn't try to educate people if we believe their actions are harming others and the environment. (wow, tolerance can be a tricky subject!!!)
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