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Waste Not Want Not

Are your bins always full? Are you overflowing before rubbish bin day every week? As human we create a whooping 1.3 Billion tonnes of waste every year, polluting our environment and waterways or if we're lucky ending up as landfill. Landfill is essentially dumping all the rubbish in an area, compacting it down repeatedly and then covering it up to be built over. It's the large scale equivalent of sweeping it under the rug or shoving it all into your cupboard and closing the doors and is hardly a sustainable solution.

The real problem is we as a world population are generating waste at an absurdly increasing rate compared to any previous century. We live in a convenience world, everything comes wrapped in layers of needless plastic and paper and even the kitchen sink can be thrown out when no longer fashionable. So how can we as individuals reduce the amount of waste we produce?

Buy better quality and long lasting

It may take a bit of training to fully kill the bad habit of buying disposable. Everything from clothes, shoes, toiletries, pots and pans and electrical can be bought really cheaply, but in the long run the money you save will be re-spent when they all fall apart in no time at all. Buying better quality means you won't be throwing out items as regularly or in such high quantities.

Avoid products which come in excessive and individualised packaging such as styrofoam, plastic and cardboard. Particularly the trap of convenience food and coffees which not only cost your wallet a thousands every year but generate huge amounts of unnecessary waste! Purchase reusable mugs and good tupperware and bring your own from home.


Recycle and Donate

Most developed countries have recycling nationwide recycling schemes, it's simple for us to do and saves the environment and resources big time. You can also find creative ways to recycle in the home, reuse plastic bags, bottles in the kitchen, reuse containers for home organising, old clothes for cleaning rags, or get crafty and create unique decorations. When you no longer want still usable items such as clothes and home wares you might be able to make back some cash by selling them or can donate them to charity op-shops. These are also amazing places to find second-hand bargains when decorating, you'll not only be helping out a charity but your also reducing yours and others waste output.

Compost or Get a Pet

Love gardening? Try creating your own compost in your backyard. A huge amount of your food scraps can be used to create great fertiliser for your gardens, plus you avoid getting stinky bins and attracting unwanted guests in the house like bugs and mice.

Another good garbage disposal is your pets! Little guys like rabbits, guinea pigs and birds love fruit and veg scraps. And bigger pets like dogs and cats will love you forever with the occasional meat leftovers.

Challenge yourself and your family to actively reduce you household waste output. You'd be amazed at how much you can achieve with a little mindful consumerism.

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    Lara-Jade Stokes
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