• 5 Things to Know About Swimwear This Summer
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5 Things to Know About Swimwear This Summer


The sun is out, the heat waves are rolling in and there's nothing better than a new bikini to get you beach ready! Let's have a look at this years summer fashion and everything you need to know about buying swimwear in 2016!

This Summer Style

The Sporty Look

The activewear trend has been huge in 2015 and it's showing no sign of slowing down. The high-neck halter style bikini tops give you an athletic look for flaunting your fit body!

Tie it up

Tie ups are a great way to give your bikini bottoms a bit more personality. They also prevent the dreaded muffin top effect as you can adjust the sizing around the hips, keeping your bum looking great in the right size without clinching into your curves. This is perfect for ladies who are more pear or hour-glassed shaped.

Mix and match

Gone are the days where your tops and bottoms have to be the same colour! Mix it up with vibrant colours that clash! All Think Love Live bikinis come in separates so you can mix and match whatever colours or sizes you like!

Embrace your pin-up vixen

Love the retro look? High waisted bottoms and strapless tops are an amazing combination to really highlight your curves by giving you an hourglass illusion, or for providing coverage for the hips and lower belly making you look more streamline. Look like a 50's pin-up in our chic black and white retro set.

Did you know! Swimwear fashion is a 13.5 Billion a year and growing industry! And almost 70% of swimwear sales as purchased online!


Why Is Swimwear So Expensive?

For such little material swimwear has many people shuddering at the price tags, an average bikini set will generally cost between $AU100-200! So why the big price tag? Swimwear is complex for designers, the manufacturing processes are intricate and sometimes using up to five machines to make one swimsuit!

Swimwear has to withstand some of the harshest conditions you can put your fabric through such as salt water, chlorine, sun, sand and stay firmly in place during swimming especially in the surf! So the fabric doesn't come cheap for producers and designing smaller, comfortable and durable swimwear is quite a challenge!

After all this hard work at the production end, swimwear is essentially a seasonal business. And retailers have to contend with how much to order, having new designs available and the large winter slump in sales. There has been a change though as more and more people shop online for swimwear and can be ordering from anywhere and Australian swimwear is very popular all over the world!

What Is It Made Of?

The most popular material used for swimwear is Lycra. It's comfortable, stretches well and is the most widely available in a variety of colours and designs. Lycra fabric is also known as Spandex of Elastane or an elastic polyurethane fibre. Unfortunately a Lycra swimsuit used in the sun, surf and pools will generally only last 6 months – 1 year.

Polyester Swimwear Material is a lot more durable and can last a 1-5 years if properly cared for. However 100% Polyester swimsuits are less soft and don't have the same expansive stretch as Lycra. Polyester swimsuits are great for sports swimwear and some even have Ultraviolet Protection Factor to protect your body from the sun!

Nylon is also frequently used and is often blended with Lycra. Nylon is lightweight, strong and dries quickly. However it's not as colourfast or stretchy as other materials.

You can now find more blended fabrics such as Ply PBT and XLA on the swimwear market which can give you the best of both worlds, maximising comfort and durability! Check out the hanging and sewn-in tags when buying a swimsuit for its fabric details.


Where Does It Come From?

The mission statement of Think Love Live is to live sustainably, this means shopping responsibly and knowing more about where our products come from, how they're made, who makes them and what environmental impact they may have. The most exciting thing about our Think Love Live Swimwear range is it's made from 92% recycled plastic PET bottles!

It's what we like to call Eco-Fashion! Swimwear materials, Lycra, Polyester and Nylon are made from petrochemical plastic fibres. Instead of producing new plastic we recycle it from plastic PET bottles! Manufacturers use up to 2.7 million tones of plastic every year, 85% of which ends up in landfill, and sadly, in our oceans too.

Did you know 40% of our water surfaces contain more than a billion pieces of plastic products!

This is why Think Love Live has designed a collection of Eco-Fashion designs that look fabulous, fit beautifully and look after our environment. Post-consumer PET bottles such as water and soft drink bottles, are cleaned, broken into flakes, dehydrated, melted down and the fibre is made. The yarn is then woven into the fabric the same way as any other swimwear material is made.

Our swimwear is made using mostly Polyester and we've added 5% Spandex to give it that great elasticity. It's durable, comfortable, colourfast and sustainable!

How Can I Make My Swimwear Last Longer?

If you're like us and you love hitting the beach and surf or tanning by the pool on a regular basis your bikinis can begin to fade and sag fast. Here are some tips for swimwear care to make your bikinis last longer!


After every use rinse under tap water or hand wash. Salt water, chlorine and even your sunscreen and tanning oils can damage your bikini.

Hand wash

Washing machines can be brutal on our clothes and it's not recommended to machine wash swimwear as it can decrease it's lifespan and cause pilling. Cold hand wash with gentle detergent.

Hang it out

After washing hang out to dry ASAP! Try to get as much water out of it as possible before hanging as the weight of additional water can cause stretching. Alternatively dry flat and press out water with a towel rather than wringing out to avoid stretching.

Bring it in

When your not wearing it swimwear should be in your drawers, don't leave them hanging out in the sun and heat for too long or the colours will fade!

Avoid the Hot Tub

Unfortunately this combination of heat and chlorine is a killer for your swimwear!

Did you know women on average own 4 sets of swimsuits!

Have more than one!

Not only is it fun to have a couple of different style bikinis at your disposable, but you will also get more life out of each set by not over exposing them to the summer conditions. With beach days, pool parties and holidays ahead of you stock up your wardrobe with a variety so you can show off your swimwear bod this summer!

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