• Best Swimwear for Surfing
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Best Swimwear for Surfing


Are you the kind of girl who wants to do more than just sunbake at the beach? Love surfing but don’t know what swimwear to buy? Whilst a pretty bikini can look great for catching some rays they can be hard to keep on in the surf or working out at the beach. Fortunately with the massive growth in the active wear fashion swimwear has caught up to give you bikinis that won’t get lost in the surf whilst you catching some waves! Here’s all you need to know about the best options for surf and active swimwear.


Tie-ups and string bikinis are the worst culprits for coming undone or sliding out of place at the beach. Halter tops and boyfriend style or high-waisted bottoms are a great way to keep all the essentials covered and give you an athletic look.

For those who want a bit more protection for surfing, particularly against board rash, sun tops and wetsuits have become much more feminine and fitted in the last few years so you don’t have to substitute style for comfort.


A lot of the time women are too scared of the muffin top effect and opt for bigger fits in swimwear. But swimwear should fit snug and stay in place, so choose a smaller size than you might in your regular clothing. Most people aren’t one size top and bottom so choosing a separates bikini allows you to get the best fit for each area. Don’t forget swimwear material are designed to be stretchy so allow room for them to give.


Swimwear made with high percentage Polyester is much more durable for those who love to get active and surf regularly. Lycra and Nylon bikinis will be cheaper but lose their shape and elasticity a lot quicker so you won’t get that snug fit for long.

The beach is a fantastic place to keep active and enjoy our beautiful earth and oceans! So get out there and happy surfing!

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    Lara-Jade Stokes
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