YogaGeek Yoga Wear Collection


YogaGeeks love science.

Because using good science just makes sense.

And, it's the science used in making YogaGeek clothing that means we can minimize our impact on our precious waterways and environment.

We're so proud to introduce our YogaGeek Endorphin and Serotonin pants made from 70% lyocell and 30% sorona.

Lyocell yarn is made from FSC plantation wood and uses non-toxic chemicals to break the wood down to make yarn.

The best part is 99% of the chemicals are recycled. So unlike bamboo or rayon, lyocell helps keep chemicals out of our earth's waterways. Sorona production uses 37% renewable plant-based ingredients and lower dyeing temperatures.

YogaWear that is light weight, moisture wicking, flattering AND eco-friendly...